Comment: wish Rand would just stick with LIberty issues

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wish Rand would just stick with LIberty issues

and reducing the size of government. There is already a fence on the Mexican-US border, and quite honestly I find it disturbing that a fence could potentially prevent people from LEAVING the US. It was the US policy that forces us to use a passport if we want to travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean ... those countries had no problem with US citizens traveling to their country without a passport, so basically OUR government makes us get their permission to travel outside the country ... and now Rand wants to make the fence more secure. Rand's position on this issue, IMHO, is NOT an liberty position, it is anti-liberty.

SImilar to the issue of US citizens sacrificing freedom in the name of "security" .. I don't want to lose my freedoms in the name of "immigration control." This is an example of why I might not vote for Rand if he is running for president. He is not his father.