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Very good point, IMO.

That is their M.O. after all. Internationally, the same process is brewing. They push and push until someone pushes back, then claim the "moral high ground", even if they have to just make stuff up.

This government has de-cloaked itself from "The People", claiming "We", and suggesting anyone against "We", (i.e. "The People") are insurgents. Times are dire, and the future is uncertain.

The MSM will still (and always) beat the drums for the government, since it's not any one person, but the entity itself they work for.

As far as congress, the NSA has them covered. Expect no action from them. Those not outright corrupt, will likely be controlled through blackmail. Any that fall through those cracks won't be enough to make a difference.

How exactly does one remove a sitting president, congress, heads and shoulders of all government agencies (disbanding many of them), and remove the "continuity of government" concept from all their files in one swoop? Anything less wont get all the rot, IMO. Oh, and remove financial incentives of any kind for people in power.

I wonder how mass opinion of the 2nd Amendment will be evolving now. ;)

Just open the box and see