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Some answers but not much

Imagine a city run by Obama only worse.... for 30 years. That's Detroit. The suberbs is where everyone escaped to if they could. Not much 'life' is left.

One thing I'll warn you about is Detroit Pride. If you think you're going to come save the day, the people, or the city, as if you're the only one who can, you'll get shot. Honestly, Detroit doesn't need you. It's getting fixed as we speak. If you think it does need you, you'll get shot. :)

Downtown is on the Detroit river across from Canada. The area is OK near Comerica Park and Ford Field. The further you get from there, the worse the city gets.
MI has concealed weapons permits. I dont know the city's laws on it.
Flood areas? Not sure I ever heard of a flood in the city.
The major highways are 96, 696, 75, 275 and 94. You'll be trapped by traffic on all of them.
Safe? Don't come to Detroit for that, though it's not terrible. People in Compton thought I was 'hard' for being from around here. lol They were wrong!
Fire, EMS and cops are being scaled back but thats because the city is broke and down to under 1 million population. The pensions are about to be defaulted on in some way or another.
The politicians are f'n insane. The last mayor is in prison. However, the city is not controlled by Detroit pols anymore. It's controlled by the financial manager appointed by the governor. He decides all. Actually, he seems pretty good at the job so far.