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Comment: I read it... re-read it.

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I read it... re-read it.

It's more like a 'treatise' on the reigning 'confusion' in trying to parse the degrees of separation between the 'legal' and documented..
classified or otherwise...
the ACTUAL and PRACTICED procedures.

In other words,
what Greenwald is publishing here are indeed non-disclosed and/or classified documents..
they just, if anything, show how 'loose' and superfluous any 'oversight' is... by the FISA Court.. by the broad language.. or by the very architecture (or lack of).

Simply put,
What's 'written' is one thing...
but every 'protection' we may have relies on the 'discretion'... NOT of the Courts or Officials...
of the Analysts themselves.. in the lower part of the food chain.
even THEY are 'privatized'... Booz Allen hirelings.

It's a mess. Greenwald is just peeling the onion... it's starting to stink already with just the DESIGN..
much less the IMPLEMENTATION.