Comment: Misfits Who Don't Know How to Govern Themselves, Perhaps?

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Misfits Who Don't Know How to Govern Themselves, Perhaps?

Anarchy represents independence from a higher authority. It is the one mathematical equation of societal conduct that has the factor of "force" removed from it. Compelling someone or some group to act a certain way does not exist. It is the ultimate freedom of choice for everyone.

We often read stories about mayhem in different parts of the world and the claim that "anarchists" are the cause of the violence. These culprits are not anarchists but zealots for their political cause. Again, there is no compulsion in an anarchist society.

Anarchy does not mean that a person can freely harm another or take their property without permission. There are repercussions for criminal acts. Under our current society, the State punishes criminal acts against others. Under Anarchy, the victim negotiates restitution with the perpetrator in a communal court.

From a practical sense it requires people to be engaged in the process of self-governance either by direct involvement or by hiring representatives as is done today. The difference is there is no overarching government with plenary power over the people.