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In What Alternate Universe?

German taxpayers are paying reparations to Israel in the amount of $11 billion USD per year? That is a totally wild and ridiculous claim and apparently readers are too happy to upvote it without any verification at all?

The real history is that after vigorous arguments and debate in both Germany and Israel, the German government agreed to pay 3 billion marks over a 12 year period from the start of the agreement in 1952 until the end in 1964. Whether Germany should have to pay any 'reparations' and whether they should be funneled into Israel and/or the World Jewish Congress were hotly debated by all sides and not everybody was pleased with the reparations agreement. This was done as a nation to nation sovereign agreement. It paved the way for really good relations between the two countries which have persisted for decades.

Since 1964, Germany has occasionally provided aid to Israel in a manner similar to the US, but it is not reparations. For example, the German government gave the Israeli government two advanced submarines capable of nuclear launch a few years back.

Individual Jews, whether of Israeli citizenship or not, have launched various legal actions against Germany and Eastern European governments (post Warsaw Pact) to recover specific damaged of lost real estate, etc. They sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

11 Billion dollars paid annually forever? Are you out of your fucking mind or just another shill who has come here to stir up shit against Jews? Why don't you people fuck off already. This is a LIBERTY site!