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I disagree, Liberal outlets

I disagree, Liberal outlets do but they just want to help polarize America to divide and conquer. Just go to FOX and you will see all sorts of Christian promoting such as the "War on Christmas". Bush got elected on his "Christian" stance and even Obama pretended to be Christian to be vetted among voters. A large percentage of Americans are sheep Evangelicals that will follow any preacher or politician with a cross.

If the DP wants to create a new Republic we need to realize that while we all hold dear the values of Liberty, Peace and Personal Responsibility, we are all going to have differences and need to be tolerant of each other. That is why we are a Republic, if Christians want a state with Christian values then they can move there and if people want to live in a State with different beliefs they can do likewise. At the end of the day though we need to focus on the important issues of Liberty and not what divides us. The foundation of a Republic is respect for our fellow man for while we have different beliefs, we both recognize our free will to hold such beliefs and never to try to subvert that free will of each other.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.