Comment: I believe the use of force is

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I believe the use of force is

I believe the use of force is morally wrong to dictate behavior. This doesn't necessarily fully answer the question why, that might have to do with watching south park since I was in 2nd grade, law enforcement encounters, dealing with public schools, etc., principally, its non aggression principal at its core, peaceful and voluntary coercion rather than physical force.

I can attribute these philosophies to how people raise pets (my own theory)... The farm where I live has a farm hand, he was an ex cop, nice guy, well intentioned... neocon, likes some of the Paul stuff but thinks he's "soft" on military.

When he is walking my landlords dog, who is an eccentric puppy, he yells "CHARLIE, GET OVER HERE NOW....." in a very loud, growling, aggressive manner. On the other hand, my good friend is a progressive, is just as controlling, in a much more calm manner. Still, barely lets his dog get 5' from. I on the other hand, let me dog roam and wander, usually stays close enough so I can see him... always comes back and and generally does what he is asked, I never tell, just ask. Theres my rant

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...