Comment: Is there a bigger picture?

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Is there a bigger picture?

Maybe I've become overly cynical and suspicious of political situations.

His comments were apparently written in response to this article on this site:

and sent to that site.

Could he have possibly been unaware that they would publish them? Could he really have been unaware that it would be considered offensive coming from a party chairman, of all people?

This seems an attempt by the Republican Party to show a "no tolerance" policy toward racial bias, in an effort to attract the black community. Either they are capitalizing on a meltdown of one of their members (of course they would), or it's a bit deeper.

It could be a way to transfer leadership in that area. Who becomes the next Montgomery County chairman?

I'm probably just overly suspicious, and the guy just melted down. That much hate has got to burn inside. ;)

Just open the box and see