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God or Tyrants

The mainstream media and mainstream tv shows consistently demonize Christianity everyday. You choose not to see it because you clearly harbor resentment towards Christians. It comes through in your writing.

A true Republic can not function without religious organizations taking the lead in the welfare of the poor. This is how the US was intended to operate, and what gave individuals in America a sense of community and homogeneity. This is something Atheists (who are primarily liberals) don't seem to comprehend or don't want to. They wouldn't want to go hat in hand to a religious organization for help because they hate those who find solace in faith. This is demonstrated everyday in these forums.

A Republic is completely dependent on a people of faith. In our case, Christianity. If people are not there to help others in a community, the government will be used as such, which inevitably leads to tyranny.

"Those who will not be Governed by God will be Ruled by Tyrants”
- William Penn