Comment: There is no such thing.

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There is no such thing.

There are no nations based on religions or anything else. There are only arbitrary borders set up around people and they have some of the people governing the land mass and the people they call the nation. To imply a nation is Christian, or any other religion, is to say that somehow you can force someone to be a religion, you can legislate according to a religion(impossible since 2 preachers can't even agree on interpretation) or you are mandated to be that religion divinely. All nonsense. There cannot be a nation based on a religion, it can only be what the people in charge want it to be and the people being ruled allow it to be. Remember, the pilgrims left a "Christian nation" to go be Christian free from persecution. The constitution governs the government, and it says the government cannot legislate or establish a religion, that is up to the people.

No train to Stockholm.