Comment: so lets follow this logic and

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so lets follow this logic and

so lets follow this logic and apply it to a voluntary community living in a contractual cooperative.

everyone has agreed to the dues and the rules. being humans, they have children. the children live in the cooperative, and as they attain majority, they are expected to abide by the rules and also pay the dues if they want to remain in the cooperative. if they don't want to live by the rules, the other members of the cooperative have a right to expel them.

if the members can't regulate the behavior of other members, they cannot have a society. if every member has to sign up, that means children can't be obligated to the rules. this would lead to chaos in short order.

if the group can expel members, it can exercise coercian.

this is law, society and taxes writ small.

see, introducing just a speck of reality (children, reproduction, family), the overstretched contract theory of law and taxes gets toppled off its wobbly feet.