Comment: Thats bullshit... there are

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Thats bullshit... there are

Thats bullshit... there are plenty of studies that confirm the thesis of this article. Nitrates/ Nitrites are NOT bad for you. Period. This doesnt mean only eat cured bacon, salami, etc. but it certainly does shed some light on fear mongering. Its simply a matter of companies that claim to be "nitrite/ nitrate free" so they can charge more money, more propaganda. Like is stated in the article, celery and veggies have FAR more of these substances than cured meats, yet, they are not listed as issues or problematic to ones health. SO these products are not nitrate/ nitrite free.. its just that they are not added through superficial means. The key is unprocessed foods which is why it might be better to eat these "nitrate free" products, even though they are not because they are less processed.... still a scam. I eat bacon almost every day and have lost 15 pounds and feel great! its a matter of balance, exercise, getting fresh air and sunshine w/o sunscreen and surrounding yourself with good people.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...