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"America was not the First

"America was not the First Nation to attempt this, there have been many republics as well as a successful anarchal society, everyone thinks this whole concept of freedom from government is new, and if any of you had actuall read the Bible, you would know its the oldest form of government in recorded history."

The oldest form of government is anarchy. The second oldest is despotism/monarchy, and monarchy is the oldest 'recorded' form of government. (The nature of anarchy is that you don't need to record it occurring, you just have to have a leaderless people and voila)
The most prevalent government form throughout history is monarchy.
The first Republic was Rome. Rome is not nearly the oldest civilization... not by about 6000+ years. That aside, you missed the point entirely.
The government that was created in the U.S. was unlike any other government that then existed in the world. It did not differ however, in the degree to which its population was religious - it differed in that the government created was completely secular. It also differed in that liberty, rather than power, was the actual focus of the government.

"There was no "enlightenment" with our founding populous, they were just well versed in righteousness, how can we now, the immoral, hold a candle to the moral upstanding of our forefathers and expect to return to it?"

I wasn't just speaking of 'an enlightenment.'
I was speaking of *the* Enlightenment. You know what that is, don't you? During the Enlightenment many new political theories were developed, and without these influences our country would not be structured as it is now. Many of our founders were Enlightenment scholars, and very appreciative of specific philosophic contributions, namely those of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, as I said before. These people influenced the nature of American government more than the Bible ever did, I'm sorry to say.

You do realize that these righteously versed you prop up were, many of them, criminals, slave holders, slaves and all manner of profiteers? What's so moral about that? I mean are you just thinking, "Well we have pornography now and more drug use, therefor we're less moral"? Are you just pretending the only people who colonized were Puritans (who also burned/pressed/hung/drowned "witches" because they were superstitious idiots)?

The founders mostly morally justified slave ownership, and treated their wives as chattel. If only it were the good old days though, am I right?

"Do not speak to me of enlightenment, the past 150 years has been nothing but the destruction of knowledge. We are mere children to them, and the Bible dictates our destruction unless we grow up."

Again, the Enlightenment, not just some old enlightenment.
The past 150 years are not at all relevant to the discussion of the origin of the country's government. That's after-the-fact.