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What's so difficult to

What's so difficult to understand? In a dollar collapse, prices of necessities go to the moon.

So putting one's life savings, say $50,000 in the mattress OR the bank is stupid.

You better own something to balance it out. Something you can use for food, shelter, power, supplies OR something you can trade for those things.

Silver, ammo, guns, livestock, cigars, whiskey, SOMETHING.

You get caught holding paper when the rest of the world figures out that America The UnProductive is bailing on the dollar, then you'll be one sorry SOB.

At the same time, most people have to be engaged in the act of making a living. So you still need to make and keep some dollars.

People who aren't in debt and have some savings, need to keep a mix, that is highly dependent on who they are, and what their situation is like.

People who are in debt up to their eyeballs, and don't see a way out EVER, might need to think about a $2000 emergency fund, and a bit of gold silver. You might owe a bazillion dollars for the rest of your life, but if you don't have some kind of untouchable emergency fund, then well, frankly that person is stupid.

So many variables. But even the poor can hoard a little junk silver.