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Ha! Soundcloud.
I didn’t get online the whole time I was gone… I went nowhere near the internet at all except once to delete all my accts except this one. I didn’t look, I just deleted. I was stressed about how many emails I was going to have upon my arrival so I had a friend over to go through them with me. Actually I laid on the couch while he read names and I said ‘delete or not.’ I deleted so many emails without reading them, probably burned a lot of bridges, it was time to purge though. The following conversation ensues.

Him: Who is Wes Pennsyltucky?
Me: Why are you on the DP you’re supposed to be helping me with my email conundrum
Him: I am in your email, he is following you on soundcloud and he left you a msg over there, want me to go get it for you?
Me: Laughing. You can’t go get it, I deleted that account in my recent fury and purging. Oh man, I should probably tell him he doesn’t want to follow me on places like that, I’ll only ruin his street cred.
Him: Do you know the guy?
Me: Yeah, that’s my internet DJ, he’s a new addition.
Him: Do you know him in the real world?
Me: No
Him: I don’t think you should be playing your little musical games with complete strangers, they don’t get you
Me: Too late, damage is done, if I never hear from that guy again he left his mark on my itunes.
Him: Does he know you call him your internet DJ, or is this one of those things where you just decide that someone’s sole purpose in this world is to play you music?
Me: It’s one of those things…it always is, and it’s not a game, it’s business, c’mon man you know I have no control over this.
Him: I’m not sure I condone
Me: You’re just upset because you haven’t rocked my ipod like that since around 2007. (It sounds harsh it’s just how we talk to each other though and it’s true… he hasn’t, I took him off payroll a while ago).

Sorry this is so long, just thought you might enjoy that conversation. There is also a story involving some guy from the internet, some guy from the bar, and a place called Pennsyltucky. I had to school some boys who told me they were moving to Pennsylvania, but didn't even know who Fabian and Jeanie Seeley were and tried to convince me I was making this all up. Pfffttt.... some people... where would the world be without all my wisdom?