Comment: I'll bite... meandering thoughts off the cuff...

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I'll bite... meandering thoughts off the cuff...

We already have background checks. Every gun acquisition available to me involves a background check on me. I would never steal a gun. I can't imagine buying one through the black market, but of course I can walk into my local sporting goods store and buy one retail at any time for I've passed the background check. I've also passed a background check for child care and another that allows me access to jails and prisons for service work and visitations.

We don't need stiffer or new or more laws. Perhaps we need stiffer enforcement of existing laws. Most politicians are too lazy to improve enforcement and instead aim their insipid efforts toward rationalizing the creation of more and more laws.

Stewart's right about one thing. We already have laws against stealing. Do we need new laws against stealing? I don't think so. We could certainly though, improve enforcement of existing laws against stealing.

What I liked about Stewart's comment is that he reminded me of our greatest political folly. It is the notion that we send people to Washington to make new laws. That's idiotic. We've had for over a hundred years all the laws we'll generally ever need. We should actually be paying Senators less and less as time goes by, for all that is left for them to really do is manage and appropriate funds for enforcement of laws that already exist. Oh, and that other thing representatives are increasingly supposed to do now that we have enough laws, consort with the other representatives in figuring out how to build or maintain a bridge or two here and there.