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Peace upon The Rebel Poet

You are quite correct about the military (and government schools and most of mass media) being a gigantic brainwashing enterprise. I watched it up close in Basic, as some momma's boys went back to momma and some momma's boy became "men" and some rebelious punks were booted out and some rebelious punks became obedient robots and as some of us, just a few, came in with our heads on straight and kept them straight throughout. Bob Powell DOES often come across as an angry jingo, and he MAY have been warped by his grand tour, or he MAY have been a dick going in. It's hard to be sure. That being said, however, your apology is gratefully accepted. And, in fact, you are nevertheless fundamentally correct (if indelicate) to take counsel from stereotypes. There is, after all, a reason they exist in the first place. Just remember, please, counsel is not direction, and directions are not mandatory.

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