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I'm not asking you or anyone here to join the GOP.

Ron Paul asked people to join the GOP to help him win the nomination. That's the only reason I joined. It was difficult on many levels, expensive, and I wouldn't suggest people join.

I remian in the GOP to help liberty candidates. I have a liberty committee now. But I didn't ask these folks to join the GOP.

You only need to do what you want. I hope whatever you decide to do, works for you. As for me, I think Rand is doing way better than Ron. Rand doesn't need me, he has people lined up and fighting to be delegates for him. I am elected to my seat and elected to an office, so I will complete my term.. but I don't seek any furture as a politician, and political party is not important to me as ending the corruption.

It's really a shame so many people see Israelis as genocidal. I don't see it. I see Israelis on perpetual defense with good reason. I encourage people to look at Israel as our friend, as Ron Paul suggested. Everything the liberty movement says it stands for, Israel has been standing for much longer. Liberty from tryanny, freedom from oppression.. safe food,

I'm very concerned about America, for Americans.. people are hurting.. DP is a constant reminder of what is going wrong. What are the solutions? Where do we find them? We are being lied to on so many levels.. blaming Israel is how you allow the corruption in America to contine.. the nazis started this very path we are on.. they blamed the Jews.. what they did was genocide, and that continues in many forms.. that is not Israel.. though the liars among us want you to take the easy way and blame Israel rather than yourself.. you're not so innocent. I think the more guilty one is of hurting America the more they blame Israel..

I would LOVE to move to Israel.. there is already too huge a problem with freedom seekers going to Israel and settling illegally. Where do you think all those settlers are coming from? Too many people want to move to Israel already..

As I watch my country slip into darkness, it is a shame that what once a beacon of hope has been eliminated, and the only country of any hope is a sandbox..

too many people want to move to Israel, and this is a big part of the problem..