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I am very far from a city. my

I am very far from a city. my dog is like me.... he doesn't take well to authority. I cant "command" him to do anything.... if I am trying to force him to come to me with an aggressive tone, he literally runs away. I've learned to just show him that if he listens to me (and I'm calm), good things happen... like treats, walks, swimming, etc. he's really independent, smart, and acts to his own accord. I've raised him well, he's perfect with kids, other dogs, etc.

He's a husky/ aussie cattle mix... he's killed chickens, therefore, i'm careful and agree with your point about responsibility.... but I was more referring to just simply hiking or something. He's leashed when he needs to be out of respect for others and obviously, i love the guy and dont want him to run in the street as well. I was merely making a point about how people command or treat their dogs reflects their personality and often time, subconsciously, political philosophy.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...