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Comment: your story broke down on the first sentence

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your story broke down on the first sentence

You so love borders for mankind by government masters. Lick the boot of your master and promote his fences. Do you know the diff between invaders and travelers or movers.
Traveler, nomad, mover, some person or persons who choose to move about on this planet.

Invader, somone who comes to steal and kill some one who invades to theif Not the same thing as somone moving about.

You advocate that the best thing you need is a border around your property then every time you enter or leave you will need police security. what good is a boarder with out security?

You know for the max security you may want to check into a federal or corporate prison they are very protected. Because in your effort to protect youself you attack the freedom of any human that wants to travel about (you redefine anyone who crosses your boarder as a invader and you promote your masters control over you, your children, and the generations to come.

So again exactly why a free man is not allowed to move about this earth without checkpoints and permission paperword? Do you think humanity has had they government boarders for a long time? Respective of the true human history this Zionist Rothschild mafia model is just seconds old. 400-600 years or so old, they have given us 2 world wars and multiple genocides with these borders as the excuse.

I have a back fence border to my property, I never require passports nor do I stand armed in my backyard to stop anyone from comming. But hey lets have a INVADER. burglar theif come and see Ill not enforce borders ill enforce, Stop theif.

Sory your story we need boarders to be free is insane and just hogwash that even a child can see through. Its simply a racist thing that is easy to perpetuate against any race. You should rail against the gov that pays despots to come and destroy your liberty. You think a border will stop a hungery person from going to the offer of food stamps, a job, a home, a safer place, an education for ones family. Its natural for a human to seek a better plight in life.

Lets talk about we both would like. How to stop mass invassion due to the false debt, fiet digitized Rothschild central bank money being created and spent to flood your property with invaders. FENCES Boarders keep the good people from traveling and dont stop the people we are actually concerned about basic needs away. Boarders absolutly do not keep the criminals out.

Ron Paul if I recall spoke simular explainations. Perhaps he did not go as far as I but he couldnt and cant but he clearly indicates the problem is not open boarder by government. But govenment using the digitized money to flood the country with invaders using the boarder as the excuse for it happening rather than seeing that the govenrment is promoting this.

So good luck with your gestapo checkpoints thinking thats what makes you free.
Would love to hear of some other things that you think should be taken away from my sovereign birthrights... I am a free man and I walk this earth a free man, my choice.