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Individuals are sovereign

There is no such thing as a sovereign group thats the NWO trash.

I still only see a group comprised of Individuals with individual rights.

Your sovereign group is like the corporation being a person both trash hogwash mumbo jumbo.

Group rights are a lie. A bunch of cowards get togeather and call themselves this or that. Only to become brave enough to restructur from individual cowards into group bullies.

This country was founded exactly to protect the individual from your group. The constitution protects the individual from the group. When you join a group you give up you freedom and sovereignty to some degree, some more than others.

Groups are typically for control and power of the few the reason the group has more power than the individual because the group becomes enslaved to each other. On no longer has individual freedome to do as they see right they have to either follow or lead a group. The europeans came as invaders stealing land that was not theirs and knowing that it was not theirs. A land that was inhabited. They were driven by a group that had boarders but dint respect others property because they felt secure within their boarders.

Would love to sit down for a few hours with you and debate this further. Dont look like we could ever agree and I dont mind.