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Personal property

What property do you mean the home and land some may say I own? If so while I have the deed seems the gov has decided that I can not own property. The evidence I give is that, after paying thousands of FRN debt notes I was given a property deed. But still every year my land lord who claims ownership of the property comes around and DEMANDS annual rent payment. Oh they call it property tax, and I call it extorted theft.

Point is what property are you refering to?

If a group of individuals band togeather to steal and individuals property by makeing a boarder over the others property. YES THATS WRONG and why dont you understand the basic immorality? Strong words to say what I have a right to say or not!

You submit I believe in evelution? WTF that came out of left feild you know me now that you can assume such?
Willing slaves vehimatly defend their slavery.