Comment: I’m not quite familiar with the “Or EFF-It Clause”

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I’m not quite familiar with the “Or EFF-It Clause”

I especially like the “experts” claim that…

‘Yet "the law is clear - the supremacy clause (of the U.S. Constitution) says specifically that the federal laws are supreme over contrary state laws, even if the state doesn't like those laws," Winkler added.’

Yeah, Right. The founders took the time to lay out a document that attempts to enshrine our basic natural rights but then threw in a clause that basically says, “Or, eff it! Whatever law you feel like throwing out there is cool”.

These people teach in higher education? The supremacy clause only has standing WHEN IT IS IN CONGRUENCE with the enumerated and easily understood powers laid out and granted in the Constitution. That is the entire premise of nullification! Not the caricature of “I just want to smoke pot and get some hookers while paying my child landscaper less than minimum wage, so leave me alone brah” that they seem to have the entire Liberty Movement pinned to.