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Supply increase?Have you

Supply increase?

Have you read anything we've said the last three years?

These declines have nothing to do with supply increases...the data released says supply will be flat this year, roughly even with last year....and yet mint demand for maples and eagles(as a proxy) is outstripping US and Canadian mining supply....

We're on course to use 75 million oz(10% of global supply) just to produce 2 coins!....That will leave all of North America in a 10 million oz supply deficit this year.

Look, if you wanna do Elliot waves, if you believe in that stuff, then do it. Knock yourself out. But please, please don't make yourself look morbidly foolish by talking about things of which you know nothing about.

Haven't sold, and still buying....just like in 2008....when we went from 21.50 to 8.50(compliments of JPM). We've gone down about the same % now as then....and just finished taking delivery of hundreds of ounces more, and we won't stop. Ever.

Game's up for these banking scum....we know now.