Comment: Aaron Russo told us this

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Aaron Russo told us this

He was one of the most explicit as he described what Kermit and other elites told him: they wanted "women's rights", they wanted women to enter the work force to destroy the nuclear family, to reduce the role of father and head of house and to get kids into "school" earlier, later and longer to instill our agenda.

Now we have SHOCKERS like cops forcing women to denude themselves on the side of the highway....which is bad but barely mentioned in the article of note was that the boyfriend was present. Let's assume his lack of further mention is due to the fact that he did nothing.

That was a fight and die or live without your dick moment. Chock up one more emasculated male and one more emotionally raped female. To the state and the man with the badge.

We are in a process here. The regime that used to operate on respect now operates on fear. They have NO INTENTION of backing off or backing down so their only remaining tool is fear.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.