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i didn't realize that the

i didn't realize that the amish welcomed everyone to join their community lol. can i go live in amish country? no... if a bunch of people tried to take the amish property, invade the amish land, they'd either have to reisist or the outside govt would protect them.

if someone in their community, whos life of indoctrination into the creed fails and they rebel, the community will shun them and cease all activity with them, essentially forcing them to leave.

the amish are perhaps the best example of a society existing without the use of internal physical force, but the stability is predicated on a totally different social structure of religious indoctrination, and not necessarily even possible for the typical human community. the amish descend from a self selected community and their rights are protected from the outside. but it is definitely the best example going.

if anarchists could go against all their own principles of individualism, and replicate the social structure of the amish, they might have a shot at a forceless society. that would require a tremendous level of social and religious or moral indoctrination and sheltering of youth, stern discipline, the herd like mentality that allows shunning to have the power it does. shunning requires anyone who refuses to shun to be shunned themselves, engendering an economic boycott of all against the shunned individual. as long as an anarcho-amish model could find a patron government to protect it from outsiders, invaders, etc., that cold work. i concede.

for the rest of the world, laws will prob continue to be required.