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Maggie Gyllenhaal is Jake's sister; she was nominated for an Oscar in CRAZY HEART.

Oliver Stone, of course. Director of JFK and I'd forgotten he directed THE PEOPLE vs. LARRY FLYNT which, in my mind, showed what a hero to libertarianism Larry Flynt's attorney was, with the main message being that we have to protect unpopular speech. I don't care for people who re-write history (although the ones who write it aren't necessarily any more accurate!), but the message in the Larry Flynt movie was definitely a good one.

I'd have to watch again to list more. I used to work in Hollywood, and it functions, mostly, on a libertarian level because it's the place where economics and tolerance, conservatism and liberalism, meet.

Hollywood gives me hope. Imagine everyone you knew in high school, including the teachers, and all their parents and children trying to work together to make a movie. Class clowns, nerds, jocks, student council members, everyone, and their families, all trying to make a movie together as accountants, lawyers, agents, actors, grips, Teamsters, set decorators, writers, directors, photographers, publicists, film chemists or special effects chemists, computer graphics or stunts, and the marketing and posters and on and on, every kind of person, many who fled somewhere else. It is a miracle movies get made, let alone that they're any good.

You can't judge Hollywood by the actors, alone. Of course they care about speech, tolerance of other cultures, and ending starvation (having starved themselves), but the reality is the whole Hollywood environment has both conservatives and liberals working together in a functioning libertarian manner.

Actors don't know the first thing about Austrian economics, as a rule, but that's just ignorance. Dr. Paul was right: we can form coalitions and we can educate.

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