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You need to go study history bro

"The oldest form of government is anarchy."

That's funny, ask any historian or scholar and they will tell you the oldest form of government was tribal, and Im sorry bro, but that's not anarchy, the concept of anarchy was born out of discontented "civilized" society.

There is no record of a leaderless people, because it never existed before ancient Israel. (There are notes to concepts that predate this, but I have not seen a documented society, if one is found, please correct me.)

"The first Republic was Rome"

The first republic was in Vaisali, India, somewhere between 700BC - 300BC, Rome and Greece held republics much later, they were not the first.

"The founders mostly morally justified slave ownership, and treated their wives as chattel."

I disagree with slavery, but people seriously need to learn the difference between submission and slavery. Submission is willing, slavery is not, and a wife should submit to her husband. The women's rights movements was a serious detriment to how women are treated today. They wanted to be equal? they got it, now they get to go and die for us in war, stand on a bus, open their own doors and not be treated like the princesses and queens they are.

You want to know what the Bible says about the destruction of a nation, as I mentioned before? First the women rule the house, and the man will laze about, then the children rule the women and eventually society, then the nation is doomed.

The people in Washington, are the result of being raised a bunch of spoiled selfish brats. Look around America today, how many kids get away with doing what they want? How many kids choose the vacation their family takes? Where they eat dinner? How many kids are told "no!"?

There was no "The Enlightenment" everything the founders did, including politically, had been done in the past, this is what I am talking about, read your Bible dude, if not for faith, then for History, you can't base your arguments on only one half of the information.