Comment: It's not emasculation, it's

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It's not emasculation, it's

It's not emasculation, it's deindustrialization. That's doing more than making males into whiny little bitches. It's making everyone fat. Then you have all the trendies running around crying about how you need to exercise. I challenge that and call exercise unhealthy. People just need 40 hours a week of labor. If you're still fat, you need to stop eating for a few months or eat right.

I personally fall for the emasculation trap because I refuse to even attempt to date. For one, my wiener never grew with my body past single-digit age, so I don't even want to go through the embarrassment of a marriage where she finds someone who can satisfy her. I'm not even sure I make any sperm. I also have no desire to get involved with a female who has slept with even one person. I call that "slut," and I couldn't care less how that makes anyone feel. I also refuse to go to church. I hate the concept of collective worship and it's also not supposed to be a dating scene. I really can't envision any secular female alive out there accepting the traditional housewife role and also meeting my standard of not being a slut. If they do stay at home they are most likely to just do nothing but eat and get fat, not clean or cook. A man used to be able to just work a normal job and support a family. 40 hours and that's it. Now even crappy jobs expect you to blend your personal and work lives by going to events. Refuse to make those at work your personal friends, you go nowhere in the company and will never make decent money.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.