Comment: Careful what you wish for

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Careful what you wish for

Whenever I see slackers, goths, guidos, juiceheads, metalheads, geeks, freaks, and throw in anybody else you want... I know one thing and one thing that matters:

At least they are not goose-stepping around in a uniform looking me over to see what they can turn me in for.

I am getting tired of this "conservative" oriented blather about how people should be all for the family and "standing up". Look, there are two things you have to consider:

1. In practice most people will stand up when a situation calls for it. I have seen the worse of the worst slackers do the right thing when they needed to. Roughly 80 percent will. So stop worrying about how somebody else is living their life. Leave that stuff for the old codgers who helped the GOP screw Ron Paul out of the nomination. They have that blackened little mindset down to a science.
2. All that "being for the family", "standing up", "being a man" thing might seem wholesome in the context of self respect. But where have we seen it in practice? Hitler Youth were answering to such rhetoric. Yeah "be a real man" - OK. And who gets to define what a real man is? I would bet the same people touting that would say that a soldier and cops who follow all orders are real men. Look at what all those "real men" are doing to the world. Oh put the video game controller down and say... use your computer skills to join the NSA? You get the picture?

I see this mainly with the so-called conservatives, constantly griping about kids, emasculation, etc. Trust me, the moment you can browbeat people into some construct of "how to be", that "how to be" is NOT going to be anything friendly towards individual liberty nor anything hostile to the state. In history it never played out for anything positive in the long run.

So, if you want to slap the mohawk off the punk kid, that's your opinion. But do you see people like that beating people up for kicks and then charging them with assault? People who do that are in nice neat uniforms and have nice short hair.

Is it good that we see people around 20 who don't drive because they have no motivation to "grow up"? No. But at least it's one less kid who can drive the truck that you can be put on against your will.

Finally, all this talk about "emasculation". We need to accept that "having a pair" is a mindset based on how you handle things and not how you look and act. Tell me, who has the bigger balls: a door kicker in Iraq kicking ass and taking names for 'Merica and not thinking twice about it or perhaps someone like Bradley Manning?

I ask this and remember how one of the most many men I knew, someone who took viagra while not needing it and was proud of it, someone who took pride in killing people, someone who brags about all the women he "bagged", threatened to kill me because I said something nice about Manning.

So my recommendation is to drop this alarmist WND-styled blather that's not going to go anywhere. Are they wrecking the family? Yes. But everybody is the target, not just men. They are destroying the feminine too, because that's the other half and it too could allow self-preservation to take root. More and more women are getting guns, for example.

Concentrate on the target. The topic has no real solution, and if you get all those emasculated slackers out there to stand up and be "real men", you will regret it when some movement sidesteps the meaning of what a real man is and these real men will be herding you into box cars.