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"i didn't realize that the amish welcomed everyone to join their community ... "

I am of the opinion they don't but I am also of the opinion if one wants to join an Amish community and puts forth the effort it can and has been done.

"if a bunch of people tried to take the amish property, invade the amish land, they'd either have to reisist or the outside govt would protect them ... "

I believe that has happened in history and I'm thinking the notion of government protection is bunk. Even in modern Amerika it is Amish farmers who are often the targets of raw milk raids or legal persecution.

"the amish are perhaps the best example of a society existing without the use of internal physical force"

At least we agree on something. :)

"herd like mentality that allows shunning to have the power it does"

When I read that sentence I was thinking:

[United States citizen sheeple have a] herd like mentality [baaahhh] that allows [the legal system] to have the power it does