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no one is brow beating anybody

hitler was NOT family friendly. He even set it up so ariyan men from the front lines could come to special resort where they would impregnate aryian women and then the state would raise their child. Fact is men who have children they have to take care of tend to be more responsible.

Furthermore the only ones that think that its manly to hurt other people are the very young who are so inexperienced, and stupid what else do you expect from them? I do karate myself and one of the first things my instructor told me is that he would rather jump through a window than fight someone for real, even though I know through personal experience he can completely dominate me in a fight, and I am 6'1 and been taking class for 7 years.

Man hood is taking responsibility, whether that involves a family or not is up to the man to decided but with no personal responsibility their is no freedom.