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I was trying to embrace the idea

of pseudo-perfect competition when it came to the choice of government (not perfect due to the fact that the products - different forms of government - are by their nature different). I probably could've worded it better. I borrowed terminology from the comment that I was replying to where Josf said:

"I can offer a competitive definition of anarchism.

During the time period between 1776 and 1788 there were 13 State governments limited by Constitutions in each State.

Each state was a Republic.

Those Republics then created a Voluntary Union under The Articles of Confederation as documented by The Declaration of Independence as the source of principles governing this effort at Voluntary Association.

The British Monopolists (Legal Criminals) didn't like the idea.

What was in operation at the time, despite The British problem which was solved, was a Free Market of Government that worked like a shopping center of Republics.

I was trying to argue that the existence of pseudo-perfect competition (maybe there's a more precise term) makes the market "freer" in the sense that consumers have a virtually unlimited number of different choices to fulfill a desire. Again, there may be a better way to say what I am trying to convey (which rhymes nicely).