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With respect to the home owner's association...

Presumably a stipulation of the contract is that the association maintains ownership of the property in the sense that if the contract is broken the tenant may be evicted. If the person cannot be evicted, then the agreement becomes meaningless.

For instance, suppose my parents owned such a home. They had possession of the deed, and no liens existed against the property. Upon their departure, the house is inherited by me. I decide to move into the house. When I arrive, a representative from the home owner's association shows up and begins telling me the "rules" that they wish me to abide by. I tell the fellow to go to hell. He says, "But, your parents signed a contract that bound them to these rules." Again, I tell him to go to hell since I never signed a contract and don't intend to. Can they evict me from a property that I legally own? Certainly, they can complain and try to take legal action against me, but not having personally signed a contract and since I am the rightful deed-holding owner of the property - not the association - I doubt they would come out on top.

This holds for government as well. Suppose I own property in the US, and I decide to denounce my citizenship. Should my property be seized? Are non-citizens forbidden from owning property? Should I be deported? Percentage wise, the government rarely deports anyone whether they should be or not.

Of course, I realize that no person actually owns property under the current system since, if one doesn't pay rent (property tax) to the government, it will be seized. However, is that authority legitimate. I never signed my name to contract agreeing me to that either.