Comment: Actually, I would expect that

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Actually, I would expect that

Actually, I would expect that if all things were even/equal, it would be 50/50 for who brings home the money. None of this male/female classification crap. Half the time it would be the man, half the time it would be the woman.
Yes, men and women are different, but if they can do the job, they can do the job regardless.
This is exactly the kind of thing Ron Paul preaches against, classifying people as whatever.(beyond health needs, etc)

I am of the opinion that this hold over that its the guys job to do everything is one of the problems of today's world. I am not saying that we should force men to be girly or women to be manly, just that we shouldnt be having stereotypes to begin with.
I suppose sex identity is something many people feel strongly about though as evidenced by that one case where people were in an uproar because a couple decided to raise a child gender neutral and not say it was boy or girl. I mean by a few years old, the child would figure out anyway making the whole issue moot.

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