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I don't get the whole "buy a

I don't get the whole "buy a huge rock" for an engagement. People try to tell me that it's to prove that you're financially stable. I challenge that notion with "no, it just shows you how stupid you are spending thousands of dollars on vanity." A person who can provide saves. In my opinion, functional couples aren't women adorned with jewelry from every anniversary. Why does material crap like that have to be a foundation of a relationship? Yet another reason why I don't even date. A roof over the head, food, and plenty of savings. That's all I feel I'd need to provide. Unfortunately, TV and magazines tells females they need to play constant mind games and that they need a career and jewelry to be fulfilled. If my wife wanted jewelry, then she should indeed get a job. That's when I get some divorce papers. There's a time for being vain socialites. It's called after the kids move out and retirement.

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