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A contrary view

If you put it out there, it's out there. Telling Facebook to delete it won't delete it from your friend's computer, who downloaded it after you had posted it and before you had deleted it.

In other news, my possessions are my possessions. If you uploaded some content to me, you have given up possession of it. Especially if you read through Facebook's terms of service.

Similarly, management might delete comments or posts, but if you had managed to save it beforehand, you will not be asked to delete it and can keep it for posterity, or whatever future use you choose.

Should a customer be able to arbitrarily corrupt that customer's records? This I think is a significant question.

I'm not saying what they're doing is right. I'm saying what the users are doing is wrong. Making Facebook change because users are doing wrong with their information seems similar to me as tilting at windmills. And the windmills in Gloucester are way too tall for a lance to reach them, so it's even more apt.

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