Comment: Thanks for taking the time to express your view

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Thanks for taking the time to express your view

There are two words I specifically did not use in my entire "rant":
Money and Wealth.

The most powerful aspect of being an Entrepreneur is the ability to define your own measure of success. You can cultivate any resource you choose.

If you want to have more free time, than a successful business should be one that results in you having more free time.
If you want to have a quality relationship with a happy and healthy family, than a successful business for you would be one that provides that specific opportunity.

When you are an employee the definition of success is determined for you, by someone else. The resource you cultivate is chosen by your employer.

The saying "True leaders do not create followers, they create leaders" is something I truly believe. My goal with every single person I work with is for them to, at some point, not ever need me for anything again.

If self-determination and self-reliance are part of your definition of collectivist, I am completely guilty. I work as hard as I can to develop both qualities in myself and every single person I care about.