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You may also want to put it on Pinterest

I suggested to Jeremy and also wrote in to the comments on that you should Pin it on Pinterest and also create a account... Pinterest has millions of users each day, generates more traffic than Twitter, and is searchable from the web without needing an account. Twitter and Facebook are not searchable from the internet and you need an account to see the info.

Everyone would need to Repin the same Pin (not a repin of the pin) to get its Repin count to go up, get it on some group boards, and also if you could get it on some people's boards that have millions of followers it could go viral... see for a list of top pinners. I have pinned it a few times already on some group boards, and have had a few repins already, but nothing big.

You could also follow the Ben Swann pinterest account once it is created... any of those boost the traffic into the Pinterest stream.

Also could use a PinIt button on the site with the pin you want to boost. Pinterest is easily 3rd behind Facebook and Twitter, and maybe could help.