Comment: Sorry, didn't intend that at you.

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Sorry, didn't intend that at you.

I quoted your statement about it, then answered it, in the way I would toward those who would use it that way. I agreed with your original comment though, I should have been more clear. :)

I agree with you that those resistant to ANY regulation of guns, for consistency, should resist any automobile regulation as well.

Agreed that there may be a small increased risk to others because of my gun. But, I suggest that same percent of increase of risk is associated with almost any device more complex than a pencil.

My neighbors heater may explode, and destroy my house along with his.

I know many people that open carry (legal in my state). These people are responsible gun owners, know the rules, and go to the range regularly, and have children. Their kids are actually less likely to have an accident with a gun, than a non gun owners child, IMO. They don't treat the gun as a taboo item, and are trained in what it is, handling, etc... depending on age.

I'm with you, I have no idea what a perfect amount of regulation would be, and would lean toward minimalist, though not zero. My open carry friends wouldn't even suggest NO regulation. ;)

I believe that personal freedoms should be maximized, but, just as importantly, personal responsibility. That second one really is the only way the first one works at all, IMO. :)

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