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Why doesn't Judge straighten these pundits out

by explaining to them the difference between a "Whistleblower" and a person (news person) that leaks a story from an anonymous source! There is NO such term as 'leaker'. It doesn't exist. Look it up in the dictionary!

Brother...although I do believe Shep is starting to understand how wrong this is and how Edward Snowden did the right thing for all of us.

I wish Judge Nap would defend him in a court as his Edward's attorney, if he ends up coming back, which I HOPE WON'T HAPPEN!! But, if it did, this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Judge to defend the Constitution he says he loves and respects. He has no wife, no kids, so I'm hoping he would consider this case. He is so well-known. This young man has given his freedom and his very life for this country! He deserves help from someone like the Judge.