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of course communication is recorded

The whole point of crypto is to communicate over a monitored channel. If you have a secure channel then crypto is unnecessary.

No crypto is completely secure except the one time pad. The one time pad is of little practical use however. I have a hard time believing any crypto will be reasonably secure for 30 years. Look at DES. I'm sure AES256 will seem like DES in another 20 years.

RSA was the last really major development. Before it there were no asymmetric algorithms. It changed everything. True, it's vulnerable to SHOR, but that attack isn't practical now. And right now I feel safer with well studied algorithms than any of the new post quantum stuff.

A new advance is a big deal. A lot of really smart people are working on it in public. If you have a better way you would be best served by explaining it to anyone who will listen. It's the best way to really find out if you have something.

Billions and billions have been born. Being born is not improbable. Making a groundbreaking discovery in a well established feild of study is.

So why don't you just explain your idea already so I can have a shot at finding weaknesses in it?