Comment: I think I tend to agree with

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I think I tend to agree with

I think I tend to agree with the sentiment here.

But, as I read, I kept wondering...why all the passive verbs?

--Men ARE BEING...

When we do get an active verb, it's "society." Society is doing men in. The article even asserts that society is exerting this influence at a "very young age."

So two, three, four-year-olds are being emasculated by society?

Whenever I see a writer ducking active voice, I'm suspect. The article dducks refers to seems to blame society. Not individuals, groups, ideologies, policies. Just society.

That's nice. As "society" has no reigns to pull up short or to guide right or left.

That's nice. We, both sexes can blame "society." We don't have to blame ourselves, shame ourselves.

It's just "society."

Somehow "society" reaches into our homes and perverts our toddlers -- our "very young."

Does anyone else call foul on such logic? Does anyone else think that "society" doesn't get ahold of our children until they're not so "very young," until they're set to go off into the sheltered world of kindergarten?

Does anyone else think that if a parent allows "society" to superseded his or her values for a "very young" maybe it's not about "society" but about the values of the parent?

I'n not so sure that boys are being emasculated by society. Young boys are being coddled by their parents. Not society. Young boys enter the wider world of "society" after a firm foundation in their own households.

If those households are crappy, if neither the mother nor the father are discerning and train themselves for the role, we can't really blame society. Right? It's just that crappy mother and father. Because there are plenty of great mothers and fathers embedded in that same society who churn out masculine men, ready, eager, and able to spawn and safeguard their children.

The least common denominator isn't "society." It's whatever underlies crappy parents from good parents. It's character. Boys are emasculated because they've got a crappy mother who was so father-deficient herself as to hook up with a boy who couldn't even pretend to be a father. Just lame people, making lame choice. Society takes a pass.