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Comment: I don't disagree with any of that...

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I don't disagree with any of that...

But this has nothing to do with your original post. Your original post argues you can't force people to live up to standards or contracts to which they never agreed.

I'm saying there are lots of standards to which we would hold each other, to which we never agreed. I never agreed not to kill you and you never agreed not to kill me, but we would both still expect the other not to try, and we would both find it within our rights to defend ourselves if the other did try.

Whether or not the agreement has been previously agreed to by all parties is not the key point. People shouldn't be forced to pay taxes, NOT because they never agreed to, but because it's WRONG to force people to pay taxes. Likewise, people shouldn't commit murder, not because they ever agreed not to, but because it's WRONG to commit murder.

You can't possibly expect a system of law to function if every member has to agree to that system of laws in order for those laws to take effect on them. That defeats the whole point of laws in the first place.