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totally on the same page

I even was going to make the point that while your gun increases "some" risk to others, that's probably true for any item you example was going to be a Q-tip...haha.

More and more, I'm coming to the conclusion that while I definitely tend to lean towards libertarian principles, I really don't know the optimal amount of regulation by government and I'm skeptical of anyone who claims to know exactly the perfect solution. Instead, what I keep coming back to is that we need to allow LOTS of systems to be tried with LOTS of varying degrees of government intervention. Basically, one big trial and error we can actually see what works and what doesn't work.

Plus, having lots of different systems also gives us the option to choose what we want to live under. You and I would probably both choose a minimalist government system...but that might not be everyone's cup of tree. You and I would like to maximize freedom, but others might legitimately put other things ahead of freedom (equality, for example). Everyone wins if there's lots of options.