Comment: People who are attracted to government in general want power

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People who are attracted to government in general want power

and control. And really, government throughout history has used force to govern people as the rulers saw fit. The object has been essentially subjugation which is the opposite of freedom. More government means less freedom.

Beyond the very limited function of mutual defense, and a few charitable programs to give themselves a benevolent image, government spends its efforts extracting wealth from the majority for themselves and their pals. This is what the 1% / 99% distribution of wealth is all about, but since people don't like to be serfs, government seems to degenerate into tyranny to keep the system one of master / serf.

The internet is upsetting their apple cart, and so is the compound growth of cost to acquire resources which is placing heavy limits on economic output while at the same time debt is growing unhindered in its own uncontrollable compound rate. It is becoming more difficult for them to hold onto control because people are experiencing the pain of a stagnating economy, and the internet is one hell of a way for knowledge of this whole rotten scam to be discussed.

They will not go silently into the night, but the forces of nature are demanding decentralization as the complexity and cost of centralization are part of what is forcing us toward collapse and then localization. We can't afford centralized government in a future characterized by less economic output. We can't afford continuous wars to maintain the empire. And serfdom is painful, encouraging revolt.

It is unfortunate that freedom loving people will be forced at some point, not all that far in the future, to resort to violence to throw off the chains. The last several years have been part of the revolution that is here; they have just been the peaceful part where minds are awakening and understanding is growing. There will be no planning; it will just erupt with some trigger event, and then all hell will break loose. We will have our Lexington Green and our Ft. Sumter, and this time nature will be on the side of the revolutionaries.

What I expect is political assassinations, bombings, small scale raids, heavy military desertion, and sabotage. This will not be large armies on battlefields. A few big cities will be protected by what part of the military and police that remains loyal to those in power, and in the end they will probably be starved out because the countryside will be ungovernable. Prepare, wait, and watch.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.