Comment: Who is Elise Jordan?

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Who is Elise Jordan?

The wife of Michael Hastings.

As mentioned earlier she served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008-09 and was a speechwriter for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

She tweets twice on April 24th and 26th about George W Bush's new Bush Center at:

On May 17th she tweets about a wedding
On May 24th she has a retweet

She doesn't tweet the rest of May and all of June until Michael Hastings supposedly dies.

On June 20th she tweets in response to Geraldo Rivera who makes a negative remark about Hastings:

@GeraldoRivera you are a sick bastard. To atone, make a donation to the Andi Foundation in Michael's memory.

Is this the behavior of a grieving widow two days after a husband's death? She hardly tweets in the first place and in her first response after Hasting's supposed death she makes a request to Geraldo Rivera to donate to the Andi Foundation, a foundation set up for Michael's first wife who supposedly died in Afghanistan? To top it all off Michael is presumed dead with no autopsy, confirmation or anything.

Is this the behavior of a grieving widow?

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