Comment: Complete Ignorance

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Complete Ignorance

I really never paid any attention at all. What little attention I did give to politics just made me feel like they all were pandering lying sacs, so my mind set was "why bother?".

2007 someone told me about Ron Paul. Even then I thought "yeah whatever, probably just a pandering lying sac".... heard his name a few more times during the 08 election cycle, and figured "ok let me see what this guy is all about." First video on YouTube that popped up "Ron Paul courageously speaks the truth". blew my mind and sent me on an internet voyage for days looking up everything that he stood for.

What was so amazing to me was how many times I would hear his stance on something (War on drugs is 1 example), and would think "what that's crazy" then when I heard him explain, I often found my self baffled at the common sense of each issue, and it became clear that we've been conditioned to view almost everything completely backwards. Ron Paul is the man, a complete anomaly, I NEVER thought I would witness an honest politician. Ron Paul kicks ass!

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!