Comment: Logic and the adoption of fundamental principles.

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Logic and the adoption of fundamental principles.

I believe it have to do with logic and the adoption of fundamental principles. Both are necessary for the development of a solid and unshakable world view. Introspection is another key for evaluating one's own actions for consistency, while humility allows us the opportunity to correct our inconsistencies of thought and deed. All this provides us with the necessary tools to travel the road towards a purity of mind and action.

I was moved recently by this animated version of Dante's Inferno where Dante goes off to fight in the Crusades and returns to find his love Beatrice being taken away to hell.

As Dante decides to pursue the Devil in to hell and rescue Beatrice, he discovers that in order to be successful he must come to terms with his own sins.

As I said in this post: "We are Dante and Beatrice is the Liberty we seek."

I believe that we need to come to terms with the "sins" that we have committed which have, in their own ways large and small, enabled and supported a system which has eroded and thwarted a healthy vibrant culture of Liberty.

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